The Girl With Golden Feathers…

Animosity, Hatred, Hostility, Pain, Resentment, Agony, Misery etc. Are not just words for her, which she finds meaningful in her life. These are the true words which she feels practically on a daily basis. She is to stand with this Torture in routine. Though when somebody looks at her or talk to her for the first time, nobody can even imagine what storm is inside of her.

From outside, she seems to be bold and strong, but with a shattered soul inside. She used to study, work like a laborer, and laugh falsely in front of the world, but at night she cries silently throughout and nobody pampers her, not even like a human. Nobody at home adores her except two persons in the whole wide world. One is her soul mate, with whom she is yet to be engaged and another is an anonymous person who is the live inspiration for her, and she calls him “BHAJI” (Brother).

It all started when a girl was born in Sukhdev and Jasmeet’s house. Both were expecting a second son to their lap, but their dreams were splinterized with the birth of ‘SIMRAN’; younger sister to ‘JASSI’.

And hence begins the era of orthodox old-school drama which is disappointingly still very much common in the Indian suburban areas; where girls are still The Burden. On the contrary, a bunch of such foolish people failed to understand a simple logic that if there is no Girl around, how will they have Boys then.

Well, Simran was a victim of that same drama. She used to study and does all household works. If anything happened wrong, she used to be beaten up by Jasmeet, Sukhdev, and even Jassi.

Simran was living a tough life. She gets insulted in front of every person around. Sukhdev even hides the fact that Simran is their daughter in front of others; and treated as a maid instead.

Even in school, Simran’s classmates bully her as she can’t wear clean and Ironed clothes. Jassi insults her even in school whenever he’s around. His friends used to tease Simran in a very bad way. They even used to touch her inappropriately.

This kind of misbehave was regular with Simran. As she was growing up, she even used to misbehave by Sukhdev’s friends, whenever they come over for drinks. Simran felt very bad, helpless and awkward serving drinks and snacks to those creepy eyes and dumb minded people who don’t even think that they are keeping bad eyes on a girl who has exactly the same age as their own daughters.

These insults were routine for her. She used to sleep alone in a small dark store room which was in the backyard of the house. The floor was the bed and a piece of Jute was the blanket for her. “Waheguru, why you gave me birth”, every day she used to ask God and cry a lot in the night, alone, and nobody even bother to listen and check if she is alive or not.

One day Simran was returning back to home from school when suddenly some of Jassi’s friends stopped her and started teasing her. They even started abusing her physically. She somehow managed to run away from there and complained about the whole scene to Sukhdev and Jasmeet.

“You only must have invited them to do this”, said Sukhdev. Simran was shocked as she had seen this side of her father for the first time. Jassi was listening to the whole chapter silently and didn’t say a single word. He gave creepy looks to Simran and went outside.

Every year Simran used to tie Rakhi on Jassi’s wrist thinking that he will safeguard her from every difficulty in life as per Rakhi’s description she had from her school teacher.

(Rakhi, is an annual ritual performed in the Indian subcontinent, or by people originating from the Indian subcontinent, and centered around the tying of a thread, talisman, or amulet on the wrist as a form of ritual protection. The protection is offered principally by brothers to sisters)



Was Jassi fulfilling his responsibilities towards her sister? Was he looking after her, for what Simran was expecting from a brother? He used to make a narrow escape whenever such situations arise.

As Simran’s one side was horrible and tensed, she was getting hatred and insult from her family members and near and dear ones. On the other side, her classmate Gurpreet likes her a lot. He gets upset when other students tease her; in deep in his heart he has started loving Simran and developed a soft corner for her in his life. But Jassi’s fear always stopped Gurpreet to express his feelings to Simran as Gurpreet and Simran were not of the same caste.

And then the time came when Jassi got to pass out from school and Gurpreet got his clear way to come closer to Simran. One very fine day, “Can we be friends”, Gurpreet asked. Simran got confused what to say or not as this was the first time in her life somebody asked her like that with so much love and affection. She moved towards her home without saying a single word to him.

That night Simran was thinking of  Gurpreet’s proposal and made her mind that she should say yes, “At least I would be having a friend to talk and share”, she thought.

Very next day, “Gurpreet you were saying something yesterday”, she asked. “I was just asking, Let’s have a friendship, since I like you as a friend”, Gurpreet Said. Simran smiled and moved her head as she was saying Yes to him and moved to her class. Gurpreet was happy to have Simran as a friend.

He started taking care of Simran from other students and started helping her in the day in and day out problems and issues. Gurpreet always tried his best to keep Simran happy and comfortable with whatever she does in school. Simran was also happy getting Gurpreet as a friend. In few months only they become best pals. As Simran started trusting Gurpreet and one day told him everything whatever she was facing in her home.

Gurpreet was shocked after listening to her whole story, “You have gained an extra respect in my eyes”, said Gurpreet.

Next day when Simran reached school, she found Gurpreet waiting for her in the corridor; he has not welcomed her as he used to do every day.

Simran: “I am feeling something went wrong with you today”.

Gurpreet: “Yes”

Simran: “What happened?”

Now what Gurpreet said next was a Big and Huge Shock for Simran. She never ever expected this from Gurpreet at least.

Gurpreet Said …

To be Continued…………….


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