The Struggle is Not Obvious…. !!


Today when I look back and connect the dots, I can say with conformity, that Struggle is Not Obvious. It is true that everyone doesn’t have to struggle in their life. In my point of view, it is the taste which is not in everyone’s destiny.

The story of two friends, where I was from a lower middle-class family and Sameer, born with a silver spoon. We hold the strong friendship and were like Jai and Veeru of “Sholay” (A successful and very famous movie in the History of Indian Films). In school days, we used to live each and every moment together, you can say sometimes even nights, on sparkling dark Delhi streets (Capital City of India). We were so much together that even in the scenario of teacher punishing any one of us for any mischief, the other automatically stands up to be a part of the punishment.

We shared the most crucial time of our life and that is teenage, maybe this is the reason, we are still very close to each other. We understand each other better than our parents.

Pointless, even we were that much bonded, there was a huge difference in our upbringings, this is the point we never missed, not even in our subconscious states. Belonging to a very rich family, Sameer never worried about anything, be it studies, career, job etc.

On the other hand, I had a lot of responsibilities as my father was the only earning member and with  hand to mouth salary scenario, he has to take care of me, my mother and two sisters along with a small rented house. This might be the reason; I had to give up my childhood at the very early age. I started a part-time job when I was in high school. Now we were two instead of one, who were carrying our family responsibilities, me along with my studies.

I was a science student whereas Sameer joined Arts in high school. We both were in different tangents of streams, but still used to have lunch together. That was the only time when I used to feel unburdened with my personal problems and live life’s moment with my best buddy, 30 mins and 6 days a week.

When I was preparing for my Engineering entrance, Sameer was choosing his first car, a car with extraordinary features, which offcourse, was still in my dreams only. I had to really be focused for the entrance exam because that was my one and only chance. Thanks to my stars, I got admitted in one of the engineering institutes in Punjab (A State in Northern part of India), but the next challenge was right in front me and my dad, and that was my college fees. We only had 15 days to submit the money otherwise I had to leave my seat.

We visited almost each and every relative for financial help but all was in vain as nobody raised hands to help. We tried in many banks as well, for the student loan, but none of them were ready to sanction the same, keeping in view, my family status.

Finally, after having days of legwork, one bank finally sanctioned the loan and I got the admission. On the other hand, Sameer was still relaxing after high school exams. He got admission later, in some Arts college in Delhi.

Now my college struggle started. I did not have the good command on the language due to which I had to face lot of difficulties in studies. Basically I was in a tug of war between the studies and family responsibilities. Finally, my degree completed in the second division, which was the clear indication of the upcoming struggle in getting the right job.

I got the job as a graduate engineering trainee but by this time my elder sister was ready for her marriage. Me and my dad again started penny-pinching, for her wedding. I was busy doing this and one very fine day Sameer visited me with his new car, “My dad presented me on completion of my studies”, he said. This pinched me a bit, but in the very next moment felt happy for my best buddy. We again had an amazing night out after around 4 years on Delhi streets.

Now, after pursuing my job for 4 odd years, I made my mind to get into a business, which was offcourse not easy for me to get into it. But I started with few savings I did in last 4 years. Me on one hand had to face the heat under my feet during the initial years of my entrepreneurship, whereas on the other hand Sameer has not even started working yet.

Now, after 15 years, out of which 11 years I am into business, I am an experienced professional in terms of my field and nobody can make me fool with this as I have seen and undergone almost every struggle in my life and grown from the core of ground. We have a huge team and a successful business.

Sameer also joined his father and was doing pretty well till his father was alive. Today he doesn’t know any in and out of his parental business which is on the verge of closing. I am sure he will not be able to take it back to the position as per his present skill sets. He never tasted any struggle and never faced empty pocket days. I am afraid if he would be able to handle the crisis situation of his family. This happen when you become overconfident about situations, which never remains same for anyone.

Let’s talk again about JOINING THE DOTS. It is always important to sit back and think about your “Struggles in the past. When I joined my dots, I found, if I would have born with a silver spoon, I would not have been, what I am today. I have seen the crisis in the major part of my life and today I know how to overcome those. I don’t have fear today to lose anything because I know how to make it again. Today I am fearless and just do my job and take decisions on the basis of my “STRUGGLE” and experience of life.

And Offcourse “THE STRUGGLE IS NOT OBVIOUS” for the people who are born with silver spoons. The struggle has an amazing taste, the taste one can realize only after getting the success.


©Nitin Pawar

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