Does the COLOURED Light has Adverse Effect on Human Body?



There are many studies based on the Adverse effect of Coloured Light on human body. Our feelings, mood and emotions can be affected by coloured lights. That’s why health care premises use Green Colour to reduce our stress and keep us calm. Different colours have different affects on Human Body, as Colorology.


Colorology  therapists use different colours of light to balance energy in a Human Body, it can be physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental.

August Pleasonton, in the year of 1876 understood the effect of colours and conducted his own experiments and published his book “The Influence Of The Blue Ray Of The Sunlight And Of The Blue Color Of The Sky “ he mentioned the color blue can improve the growth of plants and animals and can help healing  human diseases . This leads to modern colorology. This intimidated scientists Dr. Seth Pancoast and Dr. Edwin Dwight Babbitt to conduct experiments and later they publish, “Blue and Red Light” in 1877 and “The Principles of Light and Color”.

There is a difference between Colorology or Color Therapy and Light therapy. Light Therapy is used to treat skin problems, sleep disorders and some psychic problems while keeping the patient in a bright white light over certain time.



People can make difference between approx. 10 Mn colours –Studies. These colours can be segmentised into three primary colours: yellow, red and blue. Mainly in colorology, the secondary colours are added, specifically orange, purple and green. Each of these colours has a certain meaning.



Red Colour:

Red Colour relates to the Kidneys and Backbone. Red gives human body a sense of courage and strength and helpful for the people who get tired instantly. Red colour is good for Muscles and joint stiffness for Active people.

Blue Colour:

Blue colour relates to the throat, lungs ears. Blue counters Red colour as it is a symbol of peace. It helps in lowering blood pressure. It is helps treating migrane.

Yellow Colour:

Yellow colour relates to Liver, spleen, stomach and small intestine. It helps is curing digestive problems,  diabetes etc.

Green Colour:

Green colour relates to Heart and Breasts. It leads to the creation of growth hormones and other tissues.




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